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Wobble Target

A new evolution in action targets

Ground Breaking Addition in Firearms Training

"Firearms Training Like No Other"

Unlike typical moving targets that follow predictable patterns, the WOBBLE TARGET introduces random, unpredictable wobbling motion.

This innovative target is ideal for both avid shooters and intensive law enforcement training.  Bringing a new level of unpredictability surpassing that of traditional static or conventional moving targets.

Its dynamic design challenges uses in ways that static and regular movers cannot, enhancing training effectiveness.

Real-World action

for Real-World Training Scenarios

Dynamic Engagement Improvement:

Step into the future of firearms proficiency with the Shot Bot Wobble Target. This cutting-edge target system redefines tactical training by introducing an element of unpredictability, sharpening reflexes and decision-making in fast-paced scenarios. Its dynamic wobble motion and random nature elevates training from routine to remarkable, enhancing skills crucial for high-stakes environments

Comprehensive Skill Development:

Standing out as a unique essential tool in the arsenal of any firearms active shooter training, vital for cultivating comprehensive skillsets. It pushes boundaries in training, from accelerating rapid target identification to perfecting controlled, precise shots in ever-changing environments.


Universal Training Solution:

Tailored to meet the rigorous demands of advanced law enforcement training and equally effective for personal defense training, the Wobble Target is a universal solution. It bridges the gap in firearms proficiency, offering a unique training experience that scales with skill level.

Transformative Training Dynamics:

Introduce an unparalleled dynamic dimension to your firearms training with the Shot Bot Wobble Target system. It elevates routine drills into engaging, strategically complex exercises. Gear up to adapt, react, and excel with a tool that transforms the essence of tactical training, setting new standards for preparedness.

Realistic Scenario Simulation:

The Wobble Target's ability to simulate the unpredictability of real-world encounters. This feature is key to enhancing situational awareness and honing tactical decision-making skills, mirroring near true-to-life operational conditions.

"That wobble target is like no other!"

Purely random with no mechanical sequencing.  The environment like Wind and

uneven surfaces can effect the wobble and random presentation.

With an offset counterbalance you can adjust the wobble from 1" to 14" inches.

The Wobble Cycle
The wobble lasts from 1 to 3 seconds.

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