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Force on Target Training 

Immersive and engaging designed to push the norms of scenario based training

Transform Your Training Landscape

Shot Bot delivers Real-World scenario based training anywhere  and anytime.  In shoot houses, churches, schools, offices, outdoors or Indoor.

Your suspects don't engage and stand still. 

Why should your training be static and predictable?

Customized and Unique Training Approach

School Resource Officers
Law Enforcement Organizations
Private Security

Earn as You Learn

Shot Bot's Train to Own Program

Embrace a unique opportunity with our 'Train to Own' program at Shot Bot. Every training session you complete with us not only enhances your tactical skills but also earns you valuable ownership credits. 

Seize this chance to transform your training expenses into an investment in state-of-the-art training assets. Reach out to us for a tailored training quote and learn more about how your organization can benefit from our innovative 'Train to Own' program. Let’s collaborate to design a training plan that maximizes both your skill development and equipment acquisition goals.

Active Shooter Training for Real-World Readiness

Law Enforcement


School Administration

Private Security

Shot Bot's Advanced Simulation:

Shot Bot is at the forefront of enhancing active shooter scenario-based training. Our dynamic system transcends the limits of traditional methods, offering training experiences in varied realistic settings from shoot houses to schools and urban environments. Designed to replicate the unpredictability of real-life situations, Shot Bot is an essential tool in modern tactical training.


Empowering School Administration and Educators:

Shot Bot bridges the gap between law enforcement and school personnel. Through our training, school officials and educators gain vital insights into tactical collaboration with first responders. Our program includes interactive 'tabletop' discussions, fostering a comprehensive understanding of survival strategies during critical incidents and the aftermath. The ultimate aim is to equip school staff with knowledge and coordination skills to navigate and survive those crucial minutes during an emergency.

Dynamic vs. Stationary Training:

In real-world scenarios, threats are dynamic, not static. Shot Bot’s active targets bring this reality to training grounds. They move, react, and simulate authentic threats, providing an engagement level far beyond what stationary targets offer. This method not only improves target recognition but also sharpens instinctual responses and tactical decision-making under pressure.


Training Versatility with Portability:

With Shot Bot, training knows no bounds. Our portable system is designed for diverse settings, both indoors and outdoors. More than just a change of scenery, it embeds deep tactical knowledge and strategies, preparing law enforcement, educators, and administrators for the multifaceted nature of real threats and enhancing overall operational readiness.

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