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Shot Bot Portable Target - Single Unit

Shot Bot Portable Target - Single Unit

Elevate your tactical training with the Shot Bot Portable Target System, a pinnacle in portable target technology. Designed for law enforcement, SWAT, military, and advanced shooting enthusiasts.  Its innovative design allows for quick deployment in diverse environments, revolutionizing how tactical training is conducted and preparing users for real-world challenges.   Lightweight, versatile, and robust, Shot Bot brings unparalleled realism to training scenarios, from urban operations in Churches, Schools or Warehouses. To remote field exercises and range qualification drills.  (Includes Controller, Battery and Target Adaptor)

  • Shot Bot Portable Target Details

    Innovative Design for Tactical Excellence: Shot Bot revolutionizes firearms training with its advanced, user-friendly design. At just 35-40 lbs, this compact and portable system is easy to transport and set up, making it perfect for various training environments. Whether in an indoor range or rugged outdoor terrain, Shot Bot adapts to your training needs seamlessly.


    Realistic Training Scenarios: With Shot Bot “Force on Target” training, experience the closest thing to real-world engagements. Its dynamic targets mimic human movements, offering unpredictability and challenging shooters to enhance their rapid threat assessment and decision-making skills. This feature is crucial in preparing officers for high-pressure situations where split-second decisions matter.


    Customizable for Diverse Needs: Shot Bot is designed to cater to a wide range of training requirements. From law enforcement agencies and SWAT refining tactical operations to individual enthusiasts improving personal defense skills, this system offers customizable scenarios for comprehensive firearms  development.


    Robust Build for Enduring Performance: Durability is at the heart of Shot Bot's design. Built to withstand the rigors of intense training schedules, it ensures longevity and reliability. This robust construction, combined with its easy-to-maneuver setup and minimal parts for easy in the field repair, makes Shot Bot a wise investment for any serious training program.


    Seamless Integration with Training Regimens: Integrating Shot Bot into your existing training regimen is straightforward. Its intuitive operation allows for quick adjustments and scenario changes, ensuring training sessions are efficient and effective. Shot Bot is more than a target system; it's a training partner that grows with you.


    Elevate Your Tactical Training: Embrace the Shot Bot for an unmatched training experience. Its blend of realism, portability, and durability makes it the preferred choice for professionals dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of readiness. Upgrade your skills and strategy with Shot Bot – where cutting-edge technology meets tactical training.

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