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Paper Target B&W - Bladed Weapon Dynamic Machete Threat (23"x34")

Paper Target B&W - Bladed Weapon Dynamic Machete Threat (23"x34")

Our Machete Assailant Threat Target presents a realistic and challenging scenario for active shooter response training. Designed to prepare law enforcement and tactical operators for the unpredictability of real-world threats, this target features a life-like image of an aggressive assailant wielding a machete.


Prepare your team for the unexpected with our Dynamic Machete Threat Training Target. This responsive target is specifically crafted to enhance defensive tactics against edged weapon attacks, a critical aspect of law enforcement training programs.


Empower your officers with the capability to accurately identify and neutralize threats involving bladed weapons. Our Machete Threat Target is the ideal addition to any forward-thinking, scenario-based training curriculum focused on saving lives and enhancing officer safety.

  • Shot Bot Advanced Paper Targets

    Vivid Threat Representation

    Each target depicts a potential assailant, armed or unarmed, demanding rapid and accurate threat assessment, essential for realistic training scenarios.


    Immediate Training Integration

    Perfectly designed for active shooter scenarios, these targets enhance situational awareness and response in real-world drills, elevating the quality of training exercises.


    Tactical Versatility

    Suitable for a broad range of firearms training and drills, including live fire and less-lethal.


    Versatile Tactical Application

    Ideal for various training contexts, from intense live-fire exercises to less-lethal training methods, catering to all levels of law enforcement and shooting enthusiasts.


    Standardized for Professional Use

    Conforming to law enforcement training standards, these targets are universally adaptable, suitable for diverse environments like shoot houses, indoor ranges, and outdoor settings.

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