The Shot Bot is a Lightweight, Flexible and Affordable target system, designed for a wide range of dynamic firearms training scenarios. A hand-held remote control activates timed or random target sequences instantly. The targets are highly mobile, and a set of 4-6 fits inside a single police cruiser.


Fast Setup

Simple Operation

Complex Scenarios

Any Target
Any Place

Close Up &
Long Range



Designed to be carried;

One person, two targets;

One car trunk, up to six targets

Field Repairable

Minimal components;

Interchangeable parts;

Simple tools; Rugged design

Built-in Modes

Simple to use; Many scenarios:

Random, Sequenced, Next

Show All, Timed, Limited & More

Battery Powered


Any fitting 12 volt battery;

Rechargeable at your option

Target Adaptable

Supports any targets, including custom targets, up to 50 lbs.


Wireless Remotes

    Single & Six Button Remotes;

Each remote can control up to

32 Shot Bot Target Systems

Wireless Operation

500-550 yards line of sight;

700 yards with high gain antenna; 250 yards through structures, vehicles, trees

Quick Setup

Simple set up in

1 Minute or less.



Multiple Shot Bot Target Systems can be configured to operate simultaneously